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I started my kitchen blog because I love cooking, baking, and grilling. I like to try new recipes and appliances and share my experiences with readers who have the same passion.

Sometimes I get caught up with the hands-on side of things and don’t have time to write the post I have in mind. Sometimes my writing just falls flat because while I’m a whiz in the kitchen, my writing might not be as engaging as I’d like.

When I’m struggling to create content, I turn to WordAgents. They produce quality SEO content on any subject with a quick turnaround.

Why did I choose WordAgents?


WordAgents was started in 2014 when Vincent D’Eletto realized there was a demand for quality SEO content. He started building a team of writers, and today WordAgents employ several team leaders and more than 500 writers.

The company seeks out the best writers who have at least one year of experience on their own. After joining the WordAgents team, the writer is trained on the company’s specifics and values for one month.

These writers know how to convey important information across various fields and industries. They research a topic, use traffic-generating keywords, and optimize the post for SEO. Editors proofread the content and scan for plagiarism before it’s returned.

Using an outside firm doesn’t prevent me from staying on my content schedule. Within seven days of placing my order, the article is ready. 

As SEO shifts, WordAgents writers stay up on the newest information. They are constantly researching and learning, so they stay at the top of their class. The company itself also provides training documents for the writers, so I knew I was getting quality across the board.

WordAgents provides transparency by sharing reviews from clients that have utilized the service.

What Does WordAgents Offer?


WordAgents offers different tiers of writing within the niches of blog posts, articles, website copy, eCommerce content, and SEO content. They provide content for publishers, eCommerce marketers, and agencies.

Large firms and content creators use WordAgents to scale up their website’s reach, but the company also helps SMEs. Small businesses can rely on WordAgents for content that targets their locality. 

Blog Posts

Blog posts helped boost my website’s rankings by providing a regular stream of content. Frequent updates on my site will grow traffic organically. WordAgents writers will craft interesting, keyword-researched posts to engage my audience.

Website Content

While blog posts will ensure my website is updated often, I also want quality content for my static pages. WordAgents uses Google-optimized writing, so my page will rank highly on search engines and convey all of the information my audience needs.

eCommerce Content

eCommerce is a profitable market, but as my catalog grows, I can spend too much time trying to keep it updated. WordAgents can work on the back-end to make my eCommerce content both user-friendly and keyword-optimized, so my products will be increasingly visible.

SEO Content

WordAgents prioritize SEO because they know keywords can make or break my website traffic. They use this skill for blog posts, product reviews, and quality content, so I will keep readers on my page longer, increase traffic, and scale up my site.


  • All-American writers and editors
  • Clear and concise writing regardless of topic
  • Seven-day turnaround
  • Two revisions included in the process


  • Rare deadline issues

How To Work With WordAgents?


WordAgents has a streamlined, four-step process to get my work order placed and put into production. First, I picked the content package that best suits my needs. While the price per word differs, every package guarantees:

  • dedicated customer support
  • well-researched writing
  • keyword optimization
  • two rounds of edits
  • seven-day delivery

I can apply the credits purchased towards additional SEO like Clearscope, Surfer SEO, Frase, and Market Muse.

Packages are available in different tiers:

  • Bronze is 1,000 words for $120
  • Silver is 5,000 words for $500
  • Gold is 10,000 words for $800
  • Platinum is 20,000 words for $1,200

If I’m ordering more than 20,000 words, I’ll get the Platinum tier with an additional 50% off the purchase. When I order more than 200,000 words, I get access to VIP perks and special bulk pricing.

I save time and money by opting for a monthly plan because I know I will need help with content regularly; I can’t recommend this option enough. I save an additional 5% when I sign up for monthly service, so it pays off in the long run.

The monthly options are available in the same word count tiers as the one-off packages. Since I know, I’m going to need a certain amount of words for regular blog posts and website content every month, the Gold package is the best deal.

If I choose a package and find I need to level up, the team is extremely flexible and has helped me change my subscription. WordAgents customer support is always on point, whether I email them or chat directly on the site.

After selecting my package, I get a chance to supply all of my information to the writers and editors. WordAgents supplies a template, so I know what background they need from me to create quality content.

I like to include a few reference posts, so the writer knows the format I like to use. I also tell them what tone of voice I’d like to use because I want the content to sound like it’s coming directly from me. 

I can specify how I want my post laid out, from word count per section to the exact phrases I want to use as headers. I can include outbound links and customize a call to action for the conclusion. Anything I would do when writing a post, WordAgents can do for me.

Even if I don’t give detailed outlines, the content I get back is top-notch. The writers know how to research a topic and break down the information into readable posts that have been SEO optimized.

Then I submit my order and sit back while the writer works their magic. The writers create quality content that is then proofread by editors and scanned for plagiarism. I get the finished product within seven days.

At that point, I can check out the work that has been completed and run with it, or I can request up to two rounds of edits. Each time I ask for edits, the revised copy will be sent back to me within two to three business days.

My Final Thoughts on WordAgents


Instead of pushing myself to write content if I don’t have the time, I trust WordAgents to work for me. They have a seven-day delivery, so I don’t have to worry about missing my deadlines.

All of the writers have experience in the field, plus hands-on training from WordAgents. I can purchase the words I need and trust that I’ll get solid content—no fluff! I can upload guidelines that are as specific as I want, including resources I want the writers to use.

Talented writers create the content, and skilled editors will check it before delivering it to me. I also get two rounds of edits that I get back within two to three days. 

SEO will skyrocket my site to the top of the search engines. Whether I’m looking for blog posts, website content, articles, or product-related content for my eCommerce sites, WordAgents has a team of writers that can create what I need.

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