Hi there, my name is Brandt. I am a  guy who has been grilling and cooking for over 15 years by now!

I am undoubtedly a meat lover, a born carnivore. 🙂 When I became an adult, I discovered my passion not only for cooking but also for grilling and smoking meat. Heating up a Big Green Egg in my backyard and enjoying a big piece of grilled, smoky meat with a beer remains to be my ideal recipe to start a weekend.

It is due to my love for cooking and grilling, that I started this website. You will find all kinds of grill related information, tricks and tips, with my and my friends personal experiences on this website.

How do We Create Content


We are a dedicated team of cooking enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and BBQ masters. As I mentioned, my passion for cooking and grilling created this website. Every word of these contents or articles is selective to ensure that the website user can get the exact information. 

The source of information we use is not Wikipedia or another website. The full information comes from my real-life experiences and the extensive feedback of the online customers.

We analyze and filter the products online feedback and then make decent and easy articles with my grill-loving content writer team.

I learnt from my own experience about the range of problems that a person can face with grilling or cooking. Which charcoal is needed for which grill stove, briquette, or lump? Which temperature is perfect for Vessel Grill or Smoker? How can I grill the different parts of the meat? You can find answers to all these questions on this website as well as to a lot of information about basic cooking concepts and grill ideas.

Moreover, you can also find here my personal choices and preferences. From beginner to professional, from weekend cooks to meat lover grill masters, everyone can find and learn something interesting on my website.

What Do You Get From This Site?


When I first started grilling or cooking in my backyard, it was truly a horror story of a rookie. I built this website for those guys who could use some support and data when grilling and who are tired of finding the right information from an overcrowded online world.

I hope that my website will contribute to your excellent grilling experience with your family and friend in your shiny happy backyard. Let’s start planning your journey by clicking here

Founder and Editor at RedBrickKitchen

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