The 5 Best Japanese Kitchen Knives of 2021 Buyers Guide & Expert Reviews

best japanese kitchen knives

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Cooking well is an art. To cook something well, you need fresh ingredients and useful cooking tools also. Kitchen knives are one of the essential things in the kitchen. If you have a sharp knife, you can slice your materials quickly, and it will also save your cooking time. So, if you choose the best kitchen knife in the market, it will obviously give you extra comfort in cooking. So, choosing the best knife is very important. 

There are lots of knives in the market. So it is a little bit tough to choose the best one. Now you may think about which is the best kitchen knife in the market. We researched a lot about knives, and we noticed about Japanese kitchen knives. Most of the chefs have a positive review of this. That’s why today we are going to tell you about the best Japanese kitchen knife in detail. I hope this will help you to choose the best one for you. So, stay with us.

Why Japanese knife?


Japanese knives are well known for super sharpness and lightweight. That’s why it has become the prime choice between amateur and professional chefs worldwide. Over the past decade, Japanese cooking techniques have gained the attention of chefs worldwide. With the growing popularity of Japanese cuisine, the interest in Japanese chef knives has also grown.

Delicate Japanese cuisine requires a sharp blade to preserve the fresh flavors and appearance of ingredients. Cutting with dull knife damage the cell walls of elements and accelerates discoloration and wilting. Nowadays, Japanese knives have become a familiar and prime name for chefs.

The Japanese knives are entirely hand-made, which is a big reason behind their usage! The blacksmith’s use different types of metals for making these knives. Also, their techniques of forging metals are one of the biggest reasons. One thing that made Japanese knives different from others is their traditional way. Japanese knives are made in their traditional way, which makes them different from others.

Now let’s talk about the main factor, the Japanese knives are very sharp and light. Because of it’s lightweight, and sharpness chefs have used it rather than other blades. The shape of the Japanese knives is also a big reason for their usage. Different types of Japanese knife brands make different sizes and shapes for various purposes, like shell removal. 

Right now, it is popular in many countries, especially in America and Europe. Inside Asia, the Japanese knives have a very decent reputation as the Asian chefs love to use them. Basically, These knives are popular not only for sharpness and lightweight but also for their techniques and traditions.

Things To Consider Before Buying Japanese Knives


Japanese knives have been at the top of the list for the chefs. It’s well known because of its sharpness, thinness, and lightweight. But before buying Japanese knives, there are some things we need to consider carefully. The items need to be considered Price, Blade style, Type of knife, and Handle type. 


The first thing is the price! Japanese knives can come in a massive range of prices from 50 to 1000 dollars! You have to spend based on your skills. Sure, expensive knives come with high carbon steel, which means they can longer retain their sharp edge. For this, proper maintenance and regular sharpening are mostly required. The cheaper knives are right, though, but the more affordable knives cannot hold their sharpness as long as higher end knives. A decent, good Japanese knife will cost around 100 dollars. 

Blade Style

The blade style is one of the essential things that need to be considered, Japanese knives come in single bevel and double bevel blades. The single bevel blade is made for professionals, and the double bevel blade is used for everyday usage.

Blade Type

The third thing that needs to be considered is blade type; when you buy a Japanese knife, you must consider the class. There are numerous types of knives with specific usage, but two types of Japanese knives are meant for general use: Gyuto and Santoku. The gyuto blade is a bit longer than Santoku. So basically, if you are working in a small space, you should consider Santoku. 

Knife Handle

The last thing to consider is the handle type. Japanese Knives can come with a Western-style handle or a traditional Japanese handle. The Western handle is more decadent, grip form shaped and secured through the blade’s tang with rivets. On the other hand, the traditional Japanese handle is cylindrical, lighter, and always made of wood. The conventional Japanese handle may feel awkward to those who have never used this before. But it can provide a more delicate touch and control once you are set with it. In the end, it is your wish to choose between them.



Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony PakkaWood Handle – Best Overall


Shun Classic is one of the best top-rated knives. It is totally corrosion resistant and has a very sharp edge. It has carbon and cobalt, which makes this knife more durable. It has a super handy handle which is made of pure Pakkawood. Pakkawood is a super material that has a water-resistant finish, and it is very easy to clean.

This knife is 8 inches long, which is very lightweight. This knife could be the best gift for a chef or cook in your house. We ensure that it is going to make a cook happy while working in the kitchen.

Key feature:

  • Proprietary VG -MAX cutting core.
  • Pakkawood handles are too strong.
  • Can wash with gentle dish soap.
  • Durable and resist moisture.


  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Too sharp & Long-lasting
  • Water-resistant handle
  • Can wash with normal dish soap


  • Too sharp that’s why amateur chefs need to be very careful.
  • Some users have a bending issue on the top of the knife.

Kitory Chef’s Knives – Kitchen Chef Knife Pro – Best Budget


The Kitory chef’s knives’ manufacturer used Japanese Super Steel AUS-8 as the material, one of the best knives. This made the knife mirror polished with a good design. It can cut with a clean form that means it is too sharp. The amazing thing is it prevents food from sticking with the knife. 

It comes with a full tang steel blade, which is hand sharpened. It is super comfortable in hand and has a good balance while cutting. Overall it gives a super performance with proper durability. Definitely, it is a great choice. Another amazing thing is it is one of the top-rated best Japanese knives on Amazon.

Key Features: 

  • This is perfect for all cutting tasks.
  • It has a high carbon steel.
  • Kitory is a professional grade knife.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • Great performance on heavy work
  • Totally stainless
  • Well balanced.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It is very light, so some of the users don’t feel such comfort while cutting things.
  • Sometimes it becomes scratchy while sharpening.

KUMA Professional Damascus Chef Knife – 8-inch Chef Knife with Hardened Japanese Carbon Steel – Best Durable


The best reason to buy this knife is it’s solid and durable. There are lots of knives which blades bend and break easily under pressure. It is not like them at all. It can take the pressure, as well.

This 8-inch chef knife is made with Damascus steel, which is from Japan. It is super strong because it has 67 layers. It has a high-quality handle, which is well designed and ultra-comfortable in hand. It has a polished soft spine, which gives the knife a well-balanced and comfortable grip. So if you apply pressure, it will work in the right way.

Key features:

  • Used super grade steel which gives super performance.
  • It has a proper balance for the soft spine on the handle.
  • Kuma Built with the premium Japanese exclusive steel in historical Yang Jiang.
  • It is an absolute love for the cooking lover for its design.
  • Kuma is beautifully handcrafted than other knives.


  • Razor-sharp performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Well balanced
  • Resist moisture


  • Some people say that it doesn’t stay sharp for a long time.
  • Blade becomes spotted if you don’t properly dry it.

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch, Damascus Japanese AUS-10 Super Stainless Steel Blade – Best Stainless Blade Knife


Zelite infinity chef knives are another best choice for the kitchen. It is well weighted and has a round-shaped handle. It makes the knife more comfortable to hold and gives proper balance. It is a double bevel knife, and it is finished using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. 

It is hand sharpened and ready to use after unboxing. If you want to surprise your favorite person who likes to cook, it is definitely the right choice for you. The money-back lifetime warranty makes you risk-free. 

Key features:

  • Handmade traditional finish.
  • Rounded shape handle.
  • Ready to use always.
  • The most authentic thing about this knife is- it has small hands and minimizes wrist tension.
  • Zelite infinity has Japanese AUS-10 stainless steel, which is more durable.
  • Super grade G10 handle and excellent 67 layers high carbon.


  • Well sharpened
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable and durable


  • Some user feels it heavy.
  • It’s not for new chefs.

Santoku Knife – marks 7 inch Kitchen Knife Ultra Sharp Asian Knife Japanese Chef Knife – Best Beginner knife.


This Santoku Knife is made of stainless steel. This is properly rust and corrosion-resistant. It can properly be used daily in the kitchen in various types of tasks. It has an ultra-sharp 2.2mm hand-polished edge. Things don’t stick with the knife that gives proper comfort while cutting things.

Let’s talk about the handle. This is made of Pakkawood, and it has a rounded shape which is amazingly fit into the hand so that you will get a proper balance. Pakkawood is very much stable than other wood. This is a great choice for experts and also one of the best Japanese knives for beginners.

Key feature:

  • Ultra-sharp edge
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • The  7-inch blade has a razor-sharp edge that produces excellent chopping capability.
  • Stain-resistant Saken Santoku known as the workhorse of the kitchen.
  • Saken is made from durable German HC Steel.


  • Rust & corrosion resistant
  • Super comfort in the hand
  • Good for beginners
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Beginners should be careful about super sharpness.
  • It would be best if you kept it dry otherwise, it will get a water drop mark.

Comparison of Table


Comparison of Subject

Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife

Kitory Chef’s Knives

KUMA Professional Damascus Chef Knife

Elite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch

Santoku Knife – marks 7 inch Kitchen Knife


15 x 5 x 3 inches

15.47 x 3.66 x 1.54 inches

13.39 x 0.8 x 1.18 inches

12.95 x 0.94 x 1.77 inches

12 x 3 x 1 inches


7.13 ounces

1.29 pounds

7.7 ounces

9.9 ounces

6.9 ounces


Stainless Steel

Japanese Super Steel AUS-8

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel





Zelite Infinity




AUS-8 black

Black & Steel





1.Why are Japanese knives the best?

Answer: Japanese Knives are excellent because they use world-class materials, and their knives remain sharper for a long time.

2.Are Japanese knives worth it?

Answer: Obviously. Because They have far more care. And You are getting a sharp blade which will remain sharp for a long time So that you don’t need to sharpen the blade frequently.

3. Why are Japanese knives so expensive?

Answer: They are expensive, but you are getting the best kitchen knives in the market. And the quality is excellent. And quality products are costly.

4. Is it cheaper to buy knives in Japan?

Answer: Yes, it is cheaper to buy in Japan than in another country because there is a caring cost needed to transfer it from one country to another, that’s why it is costly to buy from another country than Japan. 

5. What is the best Japanese steel?

Answer: AUS10/AUS8 is well known in Japan as the best steel.



Knives are a small thing but essential accessories in the kitchen. Japanese knives are a little bit more expensive than others, but we ensure that you are getting the best knives worldwide. If you spend money buying the best Japanese kitchen knives, you invest in the proper thing. So, don’t be late. Choose your suitable one from our top 5 suggestions. We will recommend the Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife is the top choice for professional cooking experts. If you are a beginner, then choose the Santoku Knife.

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