The 5 Best 2 Burner Gas Grill of 2021 – Buyers Guide and Recommendations

Best 2 burner gas grill reviews

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If you’re like us and love barbeque now and then. Then a gas grill is undoubtedly what you need. They’re compact and ignite with just a push of the button. Plus, they reach high temperatures pretty quickly. They’re also easier to clean than most other grills, hence not allowing you to demotivate yourself for a grill just because of cleaning afterward.

Most of the multi-burner gas grills, just like the ones we’re going to discuss here as gas grills. Hence, another reason for you to buy these.

2 burner gas grills are one of the best options for a small living space. They don’t take up a lot of space and do the job quite well. They’re also easier to maintain, clean, and move around. But before you shop for 2 burner gas grills, there are some things you ought to know. 

What Must You Look For In A 2 Burner Gas Grill?


Before we start reviewing our favorite 2 burner gas grills, it might help give you a buying guide. This will help you understand our basis for selecting the gas grills we did. This might also come in handy to narrow down your choices when buying them. Here we go:

Temperature control

Can you even grill without heat? Not for us. That’s why temperature control is one of the primary things we look for in a gas grill.

Temperature is very crucial in determining the final taste of your product. A good chef knows this very well. If your roasted chicken turns out dry, it may be because of your poor handling of the temperature despite meticulous measurements and techniques of everything the recipe called for.

By temperature control, we do not only mean how high the temperature can soar. Yes, that’s important too. But what’s more important is how quickly it reaches the temperature and how well the grill maintains the temperature. Grills that have built-in thermometers are usually better at maintaining the grilling temperature.

Make sure you go for a grill that has better temperature controls. In the case of 2 burner gas grills, 2 independent temperature control knobs are what we would go for. Since 2 control knobs, both independent of one another will give better temperature controls than a single one that controls both the burners. 


Durability is by far one of the many things you should look for in almost everything you buy. Everything except the disposables, of course.

It would be best if you kept an eye on both a durable body and a durable burner. Because it’s not every day, you buy gas grills. These things can be expensive and must be bought with great care.

Stainless steel and brass burners tend to be the most durable. The same goes for the body. Keep an eye on the gas grill body if it is outdoors, you plan to use it. And especially if you live in a humid environment. Stainless steel is the most rust-resistant we have yet seen. The same can not be said for other materials. As for the burners, aluminum burners and iron burners are not so great to go for.


Being gas grills, they need a fuel that’s not charcoal or wood chips. The fuel can be either natural gas or propane. The best thing about a propane-fueled gas grill is that it’s portable and can be easily moved around since the tank attaches to the grill. As for the natural gas, you must have a connection nearby. The major advantage of natural gas is that it burns hotter and is also comparatively cheaper.

Most of the grills come with both the configurations for propane and natural gas, but there is only a single configuration. Make sure you get the type of configuration you want by confirming it first.

Grill size

Of course, the grill size will be dependent upon your way of using the grill. If you’re a party person like us, we recommend going for the grills with an expansive cooking surface. But, if you grill for a small family every Friday night during the beautiful summer, then we’d recommend going for smaller size grills to save both money and space.

Both kinds have their perks, no doubt. Smaller grills, and especially tabletop gas grills, are highly compact and easily portable. While the larger grills are not very portable, but they are quite heavy-duty and long-lasting.


And finally, the aesthetics. Don’t forget your style and theme while choosing a grill. The theme of the grill must complement the overall theme of your house/condo. Usually, most of the grills available these days are quite interior friendly, meaning they can go with pretty much any sort of interior design. But it’s good to have the theme of your home in mind while buying a grill.

Some grills are modern looking, and some are more classic looking. It depends on your choice of style and the theme of the house. Because someday, your friends are going to see the grill, and it should be aesthetic enough to receive compliments

Why Should You Invest In A 2 Burner Gas Grill?


The internet is bursting with the pros and cons of why to buy gas grills with lengthy articles. The simplest answer is; they’re more compact, less time consuming, and easier to work around with. Some of them are even quite portable, which is always a plus.

Let’s start with the ignition. They’re relatively easier to light, and the ignition is based upon a battery-powered electric start. All you need is the push of the button, and the flames will be roaring in no time.

Next, they’re comparatively easier to clean as well. Almost all of the 2 burner gas grills we like to come with an excellent system to collect the dripping grease on a tray. The outer body is quite simple to clean too. Just a nice wipe and the grease is gone for good. Considering utmost of them are made of stainless steel material.

Then come the fuel and safety. And also, environment friendliness. Gas grills run on either natural gas or propane, both of which are relatively safe fuels, and they’re also environmentally friendly, as opposed to charcoal grills.

Finally, most of the 2 burner gas grills have the best-in-town temperature control systems. The same can not be said for other grill types. They’re also very compact and portable, which means they’re best for camping and outdoor grilling, even in an RV.

Best 2 Burner Gas Grill Reviews


Now that you know what to look for in 2 burner gas grills, it’s time we review some of our favorite 2 burner gas grills.

Pro tip: add some wood chips, and it will feel like a charcoal grill. Just make sure you do it outdoors.

Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 Gas Grill – Best Overall Gas Grill

The liquid propane, steel-bodied Weber gas grill is built for heavy-duty, so you don’t stress over your Friday night barbeques because of the low quality of a gas grill.

With the dimensions of only 45.5″ H x 50″ W x 24″ D, the company claims that the 2 burner gas grill is designed for small areas. So if you don’t have a large area at your disposal and you still want to barbeque in style, then you know what to go for.

Its electronic crossover ignition system makes sure you get your sparks every time, and the built-in lid thermometer makes sure you monitor your temperatures perfectly. Speaking of temperature, the grill is said to come to grilling temperatures quite quickly. And not just that, it also does an excellent job in maintaining that temperature, even with the single burner.

Also, make sure you remember that the temperature dials are backward, which means you’re basically at the highest temperature when you ignite your grill the first time.

Why we recommend it

If you’re looking for a good grill, in general, to keep around for barbeque parties. This is the one to go for. Best for both small and large homes, and with its good built and durability, grills pretty nicely. The built-in thermometer is a plus as well.


  • Well designed fat drip system to eliminate the mess you make while grilling
  • Easy cleanup and great temperature maintenance
  • Excellent heat control. Temperature knobs turn a whole 270 degrees instead of the usual 90 degrees
  • Grill cabinet and stainless steel fold-down side tables give it a modern look


  • Weight-based fuel gauge. It doesn’t always give accurate readings
  • Takes a little time for assembly. Make sure you read the whole of instructions before starting to assemble step by step
  • The folding wings are prone to easy scratching

Megamaster 820-0033M Propane Gas Grill – Best Lightweight Gas Grill


Suppose you love life on the road while chilling in the camps on countrysides and peaceful forests while having fun grilling. Megamaster is just the right propane gas grill for you.

Besides being durable, thanks to its sturdy stainless steel build, it’s also highly portable. The small size, along with its cute foldable legs, makes it perfectly portable and easy to handle. Plus, it’s highly lightweight. Weighing on 18 pounds, this lightweight feature adds more to its portability. 

The temperature control is independent of both of the burners on this grill. This adds extra precision in grilling, ensuring you retain all that juice and flavor while perfectly cooking the meat inside out. The grill promises that you won’t lose flavor, even on the road. Also, temperature control is quite even as well. The added evenness is also thanks to the presence of a stainless steel cooking grid.

Why we recommended it

It’s one of the best grill options for people on the road most of the year. It’s small, compact, portable, lightweight, easy to carry, and does its job quite well. Comes with good heat for the meat as well.


  • Highly portable and lightweight. Easy to move around and clean as well
  • Great temperature control for its size and weight. Heats up to the set temperature rapidly
  • Well built. All things are stainless steel with good durability
  • Lightweight and designed for those who love to travel and grill at the same time


  • Needs an adapter for using small throw-away propane bottles 
  • Good on the high temperature. The same cannot be said for lower temperatures. Flames can’t be lowered enough for slow cooking. 
  • Small burners. Heat level can’t be judged easily

Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill – Best Gas Grill For A Large Family


Unlike many other 2 burner gas grills, this grill comes with 280 square feet of cooking surface, which is large enough to accommodate a meal for a whole family.

So if you’re someone who loves having barbeque parties, this is the one you should go for. It’s a fit for large gatherings because the large cooking area will make enough meals in fewer batches, and you won’t have to waste a lot of resources.

Also, it’s equipped with some of the modern features, like a piezo ignition system. The ignition is relatively easy to use, with just one push of the button, and quite safe comparatively. Plus, its modern design is pretty catchy as well; black with 2 6-inch wheels only and side trays that look like it’s ready to fly with its wings.

That being said, the design still tries to keep the classic look of a barbeque grill. You know, the kind you’d picture in your head when the word ‘grill’ pops up on the screen. Its black color makes it easier to clean for you and harder for people to spot strains and gossip behind your back.

Why we recommend it

The perfect grill for large families who love to party every Saturday night and during the whole summer. With large families come good gossip opportunities too, and this grill makes sure you receive compliments for your choice after every party.


  • Well designed and good functionality. Especially for small parties
  • Pretty even heating
  • Reaches the grilling temperature pretty fast, which is always our favorite, considering fewer resources are wasted this way


  • No built-in thermometer on the lid. Must get one yourself
  • Easy to assemble if assembled in an organized way, or else assembly will consume half your day
  • It takes some time for the cleaning

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station – Best Gas Grill For Backyard Parties


If you’re looking for an excellent combo of grill and griddle, then look no further than the Blackstone 28’’. The simple, designed, elegant looking grill/griddle claims to give you a restaurant-style cooking experience. But we believe it’s the chef that counts too. So keep that in mind before writing a bad review.

Unlike our other favorites in 2 burner gas grills, this is not a very compact design. And that’s perfectly okay since it’s designed for outdoors and small backyard barbeque parties. But sometimes, even the outdoors needs compact things, that’s why its legs are foldable, to make it a little compact, should the situation call for it.

The company claims that they have built the grill to be sturdy and durable. And we couldn’t agree more. The powder-coated black steel frame and the thick cold rolled steel cooktop make it an excellent choice for outdoors, where things might get rough sometimes.

As for the heat, it provides plenty. It becomes nice and hot and maintains the temperature. Also, it has excellent accommodation for the standard 20lb propane tank on its side. Plus, to keep the wind away as a hurdle to ignite the grill, it’s equipped with a battery-powered ignition system that is very easy and safe to start.

Finally, it comes with quite an expansive cooktop, a must for outdoors because outdoor grills are usually done with good company. And to top things off, there are 4 adjustable heat zones so you can keep things warm or cook different things simultaneously.

Why we recommend it

With its restaurant-style products, this grill makes sure its output stands out from all other grills out there. We promise this grill will bring out the chef in you and will compel you to try different styles of grills and griddles every time you want to impress your friends. This will be possible because this grill will not let you down, ever.


  • 4 adjustable heat zones make it perfect for simultaneous cookings
  • Exceptionally durable and heavy-duty. Even by the looks of it
  • Best choice for outdoor parties. Expansive cooktop and easy clean up afterward
  • One of the best griddle out there in terms of functionality, heat settings, and distribution


  • Outdoors doesn’t mean camping. Quite heavy to move around during campings.
  • Poorly designed drain system. The company could use a little re-engineering of the grease trap
  • Doesn’t come with a built-in thermometer.

Giantex Propane Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner – Best Gas Grill For Portability


And lastly, another one of the grills with foldable legs. But there’s also another catch, it’s cute, and significantly, it weighs only 25lbs. Get it? It’s a tabletop compact grill.

With only 2 burners, both of which are separately adjustable, it offers quite a high temperature. It becomes hot almost instantaneously and distributes the heat evenly for a nice grilling experience.

While the previous grill we discussed wasn’t fit for camping, this one is. With its foldable legs, it becomes even more compact and travel-friendly. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to clean, which is another plus point.

And unlike the previous tabletop grill we talked about, this one does require some assembly. But you can’t expect much complexity from such a small thing as this. Easy assembly, easy ignition, and you’ll be grillin’ in no time.

Finally, we like it most because it has plenty of cook space (about 243 sq. in) for a portable grill. And that’s also one of the things that make it an excellent choice for camping.

Why we recommend it

Travel-friendly grill that’s easy to clean and easy to assemble, with the possibility of you falling in love with it? Yes, please. With its large cook space, the grill makes sure you don’t waste so much time grillin’ and instead go out and enjoy the place you’ve traveled to.


  • Camping grill. An excellent choice for camping in all regards
  • Sturdy and durable for its design. Easy to assemble and pack
  • It’s a little heavy due to the quality of materials used in it, but that doesn’t mean its hard to move around


  • The temperature can go too high too quickly if not kept an eye on
  • The placement of the vents could help some re-designing to accommodate the windy conditions better
  • The drop system to collect grease could help some re-engineering too

Final Word

And that’s pretty much it. Now you have enough information to buy a brand new grill for your next adventures, and we are optimistic you will. Be it for the next camping you’re planning with your college friends or just another backyard party, we covered the best grills for either one. And for any other occasion that lies between the two. Now you’re ready to start grillin’.

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