Chipotle is one of the most representative dishes in the Mexican diet, it is a dried, smoked Jalapeno pepper. Most Jalapenos are picked and used in green. But if you let it touch for longer, it will turn red.

Some people leave it in this state until they start to dry and then take it down and smoke it until it dries completely. Others take it down when ripe and dry it during smoking. During the process, the peppers lose 80-90% of their weight. It looks like dried raisins and smoked, and looks like raisins or prunes. Her skin is dark and wrinkled. Not all chipotles are the same, as there are many types of jalapeno peppers.

The chipotle is as spicy as jalapeno peppers, with a Scoville scale of 2,500 to 8,000 SHU.
The technique of smoked dried jalapeno can be traced back to the pre-Aztec era, where early food preservation began to be practiced. They are used favorably in Mexican cuisine, giving the food a pleasant spicy, pungent, smoky taste. It can be used for cooking like any other dried pepper.

It can be ground into chili flakes or powder and used as a spice in spicy foods or sauces. Chipotle peppers were brought to the attention of Americans in 1993 with the opening of the first Chipotle restaurant. It was first tasted in 1996 courtesy of Fischer & Wieser Specialty Food Inc., which was introduced as Chipotle Sauce. It became popular and sales of this food increased and in July 1997 was named the best-selling sauce in the United States by the National Association of Special Food Trade in New York. It is still their most popular product and since 1996 the number of units sold has exceeded 100 million.

How to use chipotle?

As jalapeno is a bloody Mexican pepper, chipotle is also a characteristic and extremely important ingredient in Mexican cuisine. It is mainly used in sauces, it can also be bought at home in this form, but if you are familiar with it now, you should look for a product called chipotle en adobo, in which the peppers are cooked in a tomato-spicy sauce. It is available on the Internet in all forms, it is worth looking in larger delicatessens in Hungary.

Peppers are also available in dried form at home, but if you go to Mexico, be sure to bring a couple of bags, because a bottle of pickled chipotle can make it memorable for an entire summer, not just a barbecue. The news of unfolding is waiting for friends, and the last bottle of vinegar will receive the greatest honor.

It’s easy to make. For the dry peppers, take two cloves of peeled garlic each piece, stuff them in a mason jar tightly, add black pepper and bay leaf next to them, then makeup to the brim with apple cider vinegar. It must be matured for two months. It does not need to be heat-treated or cooled after the resolution, but it can be. Besides fried meats, we don’t know anything better at the moment. The accompanying garlic is downright insane.

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