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Snake River Farms is one of the most renowned providers of Wagyu beef in the United States. But is it worth the high price tag?

If you’re a meat lover, or you’re a fan of beef, in particular, you must have heard of the famous Wagyu beef. The luxurious meat originated from Japan that carries an expensive price tag due to its quality and superior taste compared to regular beef. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to fly all the way to Japan to get a taste, the American version by Snake River Farms is just as delicious. 

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What is Snake River Farms?


Snake River Farms is a family-owned premium meat company offering American Wagyu beef, filet mignon, prime rib, Kurobuta pork among other premium roasts. The brand’s meat products are used in Michelin-starred restaurants and only sold via select online retailers. 

Found in 1968, Snake River Farms has earned its reputation for its sustainable practices and focus on animal well-being. 

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef


The company is located in eastern Idaho, and that’s where the cattle are raised and fed high-energy diets with plenty of open space to roam around freely. Every piece goes through the wet-aging process (the meat tenders and develops flavor from its natural juices) for over three weeks. Then it is hand-cut by a butcher and shipped out frozen. 

Wagyu beef is graded via a special system than other beef in the U.S. The grading system of the Department of Agriculture consists of Choice (average quality), Select (fine quality), and Prime (best quality). Wagyu beef by Snake River Farms grades above what is considered Prime by the USDA. 

Also, SFL follows the Japanese Wagyu grading system that scores on beef texture, color, marbling, fat color, and firmness. 

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Kurobuta Pork


While its beef products grab most of the attention, Snake River Farms also produces top-notch pork. Kurobuta Pork is the brand’s second specialty which is sourced from 100% pure breed Berkshire pigs.

Kurobuta is the pork equivalent to Wagyu, and SFL is one of the few companies that offer this kind of pork. Meat from Berkshire pigs is known for being extra juicy, tender, and a bit of sweet taste. 

Order and Delivery Process 


You can shop online through the Snake Farm official website or sign up for a subscription through services like ButcherBox or Crowd Cow. On the website, you’ll find each meat type categorized into sub-menus. 

From the Wagyu beef section, you can choose from the sirloin, ribeye, prime rib, steaks, and more. The Kurobuta Pork section enlists pork chops, ham, bacon, and more. You can also shop for beef from SRF sister company Double R ranch at a lower price. 

With a subscription service, customers have limited control over what comes in, but this is not the case with Snake River Farms. You get to choose the exact meat you want, and that’s what’s delivered. 

The meat comes packaged in a recyclable thermal bag. Inside the bag, meat boxes lay surrounded with dry ice. 

Snake River Farms delivers through standard shipping (other options available) within the contiguous U.S, whereas shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is through the express service. Free Standard shipping over $275, code AEGFSS3822

Pros and Cons


Just like any other service Snake River Farms has its set of the good and not so good. 


  • Top-quality American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta Pork
  • Wagyu beef rates higher than USDA Prime score
  • Easy online ordering 
  • Friendly customer support


  • Expensive

Testing Process


We tested a Wagyu Short Ribs and Brisket, I must admit we repeated it many times since the first order. Also worth mentioning the Wagyu is not for everyone, it has a fattier taste than the "normal beef". However, if you have no problem with it that's definitely your choice, the final outcome is always super tender, and juicy cant be wrong with that (As you can see we are a bit biased about Wagyu ;) ). Here you can read more about the "What Does Wagyu Beef Taste Like", but really if you are a "meat lover" you have to try it.

Wagyu Brisket

Wagyu Short Ribs

To Conclude


While it may not be a part of your everyday meal, Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms is a delicacy, you can enjoy on special occasions or a celebration. With the unmatched taste, you’re going to find it hard to forget. If you’ve never tried Wagyu beef, now is your chance.

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