What are Food Tours?

food tour

When traveling to a new country, your main objective is to learn more about it, to explore its history and culture. An easy way to get a real feel and understanding for it is through taste. Try the food locals eat, visit the places locals go, see how they live. In essence, you want to feel what it is like to be local. What does a food tour have to do with this you may ask? Everything!

Why Book a Food Tour 


Food Tours are a vehicle for a city’s culture and can tell you a lot about history and its evolution. What locals eat, when, where, and how much. It’s the perfect window into their daily, and generally the country’s way of life.

These days there are food tours around the globe and although we are a young company we are a top-rated, owner-operated food tour in Cape Town. 

A good food tour should incorporate the history and landmarks, as well as the local food culture. Orientating you around the city is also a big bonus, as you will likely return to those places during your stay. 

A well-organized food tour should include local restaurants, and some might even include a cooking workshop to give you a hands-on experience. The focus is to immerse you into local food with context, whether it’s cultural,  historical, or based on landscapes and landmarks, architecture, etc.

The price range can go from 100$ to 130$, depending on; the type of tour, the duration, the amount of food or alcohol included. Considering the quality of the information you will receive, the number of tastings, and the parts of the city you visit, you will quickly conclude that the amount invested on such a tour is fully justified. Food tours range from two to four hours depending on the number of stops visiting. 

Remember a food tour is generally two tours in one, of course, delicious food but also the history, a combination tour like this has great value as you can tick off two experiences in one. See the city while you taste the city. Important to consider eating lightly before the food tour. The tastings are specially designed to enjoy all the food on tour, but all the small bites add up, so make sure to pace yourself, you know your stomach best. 

It is highly recommended to book your food tours on one of the first days of your trip, you will benefit from great tips from the guide and you will most certainly want to return to some of the locations on the tour.

Certainly, a great way to start your vacation.

Best Food Tour in Cape Town


When we choose a travel destination, there’s one thing that’s on the top of our list; and that’s to taste and explore the local food culture! While it’s true that we simply want to indulge in new flavors, we also know that a food experience usually adds something more. Your aim would be to taste the food of locals, engage and interact with them, learn something about the place through their food. Best of all you might even make new friends. The overall experience is enriching, which is the main reason we travel in the first place.

As mentioned, try to book your food tours at the beginning of your stay. It will provide you with personal recommendations of a local, the best places to eat, the best dishes to experience, and hidden gems away from the tourist traps. The result an epic, authentic vacation. Click here to learn more about how we can help you eat, experience, and explore Cape Town through your taste buds, showing you how to Eat Like a Local 

Is it Worth it?


One of the best things about a good food tour is the in-depth knowledge of the city from your local guide. They will give you the best tips about restaurants, unique dishes you must taste, where the fish is freshest, where to find the more tender meat, and where the best spots to visit. These are often not listed in a guidebook and with the limited time you want to have the best experiences possible. A passionate guide will be more than happy to share their passion for the city with you and to give you personalized recommendations to suit your budget and taste. Not only will it feed your curiosity but ending feeling like a local

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