Dijon Mustard

dijon mustard

Many thought that Dijon mustard was called dijon because it has mustard seeds in it. Although this is not the case, it is only a matter of grinding and processing the mustard seeds. Dijon mustard can be just as smooth, creamy as grains.

Mustard has special forms on the tables, for which it is enough to travel to Bavaria, where the white sausage and pretzels come with “Bayerischer Süßer Senf”, this strangely sugary mustard. You can, of course, love, adore, or even criticize the mustards of other nations (the “very yellow” mustard in the United States is the same, but the Czech is also sweet), but there is a classic variety that is known all over the world, yet there is something mysterious about it. The secret of the Dijon mustard.

This world-famous mustard guides you to the province of Burgundy, France, where mustard has been made since the late Middle Ages (caution, speaking name!) By adding must to the mustard seeds. The must therefore contribute to the fermentation of the seeds. To be aware of this, there are mustard seeds of various colors, and brown mustard seeds, Brassica junce, have traditionally been used here.

Mustard seeds

Today, it is available in all stores in every corner of the world in Dijon, so let’s not be surprised that white musts are now added to these mustards to achieve fermentation. Worse, white wine vinegar, or even household vinegar that shouldn’t be used for food at all.

It is now available in every store in every corner of the world, so let’s not be surprised that these mustards are no longer added with must, but with white wine to achieve fermentation, in worst case white wine vinegar, or even household vinegar that shouldn’t be used for food at all. The special feature of Dijon mustard is that the mustard flour is mixed with the juice of unripe grapes. Its ingredients are also vinegar, salt and citric acid. The husk of the seeds of hot mustard is partially or completely removed.

Due to its pungency, it is a favorite of mustard lovers, but most people like to mix it with mayonnaise, remoulade sauce, vinaigrette sauce, as the taste is so dominant that not many people like it. But real mustard fans swear by it. It is very strong, so you can flavor it with it in smaller portions. It is excellent for meat dishes and is available in almost all stores.

What varieties of Dijon mustard are there?

There are three different flavors of Dijon mustard: slightly pungent, moderately pungent, and extra pungent. Dijon mustard is an even, smooth, but grainy mustard, which is brown and made of black mustard seeds.

How to store Dijon mustard?

In a cool place; after opening in the refrigerator.

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