Types of peppers

types of peppers

Different types of peppers are used in different recipes belongs to different and versatile cuisines. Peppers are one of those special ingredients that speak to all of the senses and make your recipe more flavorful. Peppers are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and flavors too. You can make your recipe tastier or give it a sweet, pleasant flavor by incorporating the right kind of peppers in the recipe. Some peppers go well with some vegetables, while some go well with both vegetables and meat. All different kinds of peppers belong to the same capsicum family. Peppers are used for topping stuffing and garnishing or sometimes as main ingredients.

Of the recipe. These are endless ways to incorporate these peppers in recipes. These peppers

Range from red hot to fiery orange colors and make your dishes more colorful types of peppers

When it comes to incorporating this magic ingredient in your recipe, you must know about their Scoville Heat Units (SHU). SHU measures the hotness or spiciness of that particular pepper. It ranges from zero to hundred for sweet peppers, while for dangerously spicy pepper, it can cross 3000,000 SHU. So you must know the SHU values of the peppers.

Bell Peppers/ Sweet Peppers

Bell peppers are also known as sweet peppers. Due to their shape and size, these are named bell peppers. These bell peppers are full of tiny seeds. These bell peppers come in many bright colors such as green, red, orange, yellow, and many more. These are extremely nutritious as they enrich with vitamins and perfect for a variety of recipes. Bell peppers are more versatile among a long list of peppers, so there are endless possibilities to use them uniquely. Due to their mild and sweet flavor, these are perfect for stuffing stir-fries toppings, or even you can eat them raw (some varieties) in salads too. If you want to use bell peppers ant variety for cooking purposes, then go for three bumps in the bottom, while peppers with four bumps are perfect for salads and toppings.

Sweet California Wonder

This is the most used and common type of peppers. Almost everyone is familiar with Its green color and crunchy texture. These peppers are good for stuffing and toppings too. These green and crunchy flavored make your meals more nutritious and tasty meal.

Mini Bell Peppers

These are small in size but similar in taste to bell peppers. You can easily grow. Them in the garden. These tiny bell peppers also have fewer seeds, and you can use them in recipes like large bell peppers. When these mini bell peppers are green, these have a less sweet flavor. As they are ripe, their flavor becomes sweeter. Orange peppers are sweeter and less crunchy in flavor.

Cubanelle Pepper

These greenish-yellow peppers are also renowned as Italian Frying Pepper. These peppers have an important place in Cuban and Dominican cuisine due to their distinctive taste. Long in size and slightly wrinkled skin make them prominent among all other types of peppers. These peppers are usually roasted or fried due to their wrinkled skin.
These peppers have a slight touch of hotness, and you can spice up your pizza, omelets, and other recipes by sampling adding.

Yellow Wax Pepper or Banana Pepper

These peppers belong to the chili pepper family. They have named banana peppers due to their long curved shape, similar to a banana. These peppers have a tangy taste. Many people confuse Pepperoncinis and banana peppers, but these are not similar. Taste is similar to some extent, but texture and uses are different. Due to their tangy flavor, people love to pickle them, especially in

Asian cuisine. People love to incorporate these peppers in Greek salads and sandwiches due to their mild hotness. They have 500 SHU. one more interesting.

The thing is that you can easily grow them in your garden.

Cherry Pepper Or Pimento

You may know them as Pimiento. These little red and heart-shaped peppers have a unique mild and sweet taste. These are about ten centimeters long and seven cm wide. Their succulent skin and bright color make them ideal for garnishing touch to salads, pasta, and cheese-based recipes. Cherry peppers are an ideal size for pickling, stuffing, or brining. Many people think

These peppers are only suitable for pickling or decoration; that is not a fact at all. You can stuff cheery peppers with cheese and deep fry like Cubanelle Peppers. I have seen many restaurants that stuff it with green olives. These peppers are not too hot, but you can remove their seeds to reduce their hotness.

Dark Green Poblano Pepper

Poblano Pepper is famous as Mexican pepper s. these peppers are named due to their native town Puebla. These peppers are present in every Mexican home. These peppers are very dark in green color and 4 inches long. Many people think that these are too spicy or hot, but peppers are on the spicy pepper scale’s mild end. Their SHU 1000 to 1500. These peppers have a meaty taste but with little kick. These dark green peppers are good for stuffing due to their size. You can de-seed them before stuffing. These Poblano peppers are also ideal for roasting, grilling, and sautéing. If you like their taste, you can add them in seasonings or use them for toppings. You can freeze them or can them for off-season use. You can find red Poblano peppers too, as these are spicier.

In a fully ripe and dried form, these peppers are called are ancho chilies. Ancho peppers are a famous ingredient in many Mexican sauces and recipes.


Most of us are familiar with jalapenos. You can see sweet pickled jalapenos jars in many grocery stores. These jalapenos are a star ingredient of many recipes due to their unique flavor. The jalapeno has a perfect amount of spiciness for those like a little kick but not being brave enough to challenge their taste buds. Jalapenos come in different sizes. As some are chubby, and some are longer. Moreover, these jalapenos are not only rich in flavor and nutrients. These jalapenos have an eminent place as an ingredient in Tex-Mex.

Recipes. You can find a huge fan following of jalapenos all over the world due to their unique taste. For the perfect taste, pick green jalapenos. In green from these peppers is spicier as compared to ripe form. Red Jalapeños are ripe and mildly spicy in their taste.

Jalapenos are as versatile as these have bearable heat but also because of its unique flavor. Jalapenos go well with many vegetables and enhance the flavor of recipes. You can add spark to your boring sandwiches and vegetable medleys by adding fresh jalapenos.

Fresno Pepper

You may get confused at first glance as these are similar to red jalapenos, but these are quite different. Their taste and texture both are different from jalapeño. These are slightly hotter in taste. Many people consider their taste similar to jalapenos, but you can easily differentiate their taste if you have strong taste buds. Fresno peers are available both in green and the red color but usually picked green.

The biggest variation between Fresno and jalapeno peppers is the thickness of the pepper walls. Fresno peppers have thinner walls, while jalapenos have thick.

Their skin is lustrous and smooth and has a slight curve. These are commonly cultivated in the united state of America and part of many salsa recipes. Fresno Peppers are also part of many hot sauces.

Many people enjoy dehydrating them for grinding them into powders for later use in recipes. These Fresno Peppers are good choices for those people who want some Spicer kick their meals.

Serrano Pepper

Do you know these peppers are considered a fruit in Mexico? These Serrano Peppers are small in size and a popular ingredient of Southeast Asian cuisine. These peppers are spicy and hot, so you can add a spicy bite by including them in recipes. These peppers are three times hotter than jalapenos. You can say that Serrano Pepper has a capsaicin concentration higher than the jalapeno. You can find them in any grocery store next to the jalapenos section. These have delayed fuse in the mouth, so you feel spicy kick later. These are low calories and rich in fiber. Their SHU level varies between10 000 and 25,000 according to size. Serrano Peppers vary in sizes and colors according to their ripeness.

If you want to enjoy the true salsa, then add Serrano Pepper. You can make fine chile oil with these Serrano Peppers by cutting and chopping them, but it can harm your skin if you use it carelessly. You can freeze them to use them later.

Thai Pepper

Thai pepper has seventy –nine separate varieties. These peppers are small in size (one to two-inch) and high in hotness. Peri-peri and Bird’s Eye Chili are famous types of Thai peppers. These peers have an eminent palace in Thai cuisine. In Philippine and Sri Lanka, these Thai peppers are famous with other different names, and people use it as a substitute as green chilies. If you really like hot sauces, then use Thai pepper. There is a variety of hot sauces that have Thai pepper as the main ingredient. These peers are readily available in all Asian grocery stores.

Their SHU ranges from 50,000 to 100,000. Thai peppers are characteristically ground from bright pods to add spiciness to curry pastes and appealing color in Asian cuisine. Red Thai peppers are usually sun-dried to make fine powders to use as kitchen condiments. You can grow different varieties of Thai peppers easily at home and pick fresh green Thai peppers for incorporating in recipes.

Carmen Pepper

Carmen peppers are Unique horn-shaped peppers and very famous in Italy. Their shape makes them unique among all other sweet peppers. Actually, these peers are a hybrid form of sweet peppers. These peppers are six inches long and two inches wide in appearance. Carmen peppers are sweet in taste and with almost no hotness. Their SHU ranges from zero to five hundred. These peppers are ticked walled and meaty to some extent. When peppers are in deep red color, then you can pick them for the best taste. Their taste is sweet even when they are unripe and green. These peppers are also ripe early as compared to other sweet regular peppers. You can add them to salads, salsas, and many other recipes to improve the taste. You can even roast Carmen’s peppers and enjoy their sweet, smoky taste.

Kung Pao Pepper

These peppers are also hybrid and famous Southeast Asian cuisine. Kung Pao pepper is curved, and narrowed shape pointed to the tip. Kung Pao peppers are long, very skinny peppers. These peppers are compared to the cayenne chili peppers due to their appearance. These peppers are mildly hot in flavor. These peppers are also great for adding an unanticipated kick to a normal recipe. These peppers are great for raw eating or cooking purposes, sautéing, and roasting. You can add them to stir-fries, curries, and noodles for an extra punch of taste. These peppers not really taste great but also rich in vitamins are antioxidants to boost immunity. You can keep them in the fridge for up to one week to use them later.

Wrapping Up the Things

I tried my best to list up all the varieties of peers according to tier spiciness and popularity. You can also grow these peppers in their kitchen gardens and pick them for a more fresh taste in your recipes. There are many other varieties of peppers available around the globe and famous in their local regions. Some peers are famous due to their hotness, while some are famous due to their sweet flavor. Komodo dragon pepper, Carolina Reaper pepper, and Dragons Breath pepper are listed as the hottest peppers, while Carmen pepper is one of the sweetest peppers.

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