10 Things You Don’t Know About About Bacon

10 Things You Don't Know About About Bacon

Bacon is an integral part of our breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We may have eaten it several times a week, yet we have been able to gather facts about it that may surprise even the biggest fans. Here are 10 interesting things about bacon, knowing that we may be eating our bacon omelet or hamburger with an even bigger appetite.

1. One Of The Oldest Delicasy

Did you know, for example, that bacon was “discovered” by the Chinese? Around 1500 BC, the Eastern people were the first to process this part of pork as food. From here, the bacon came from Asia to Europe, where it was first tested by the Romans – they consumed it with figs and wine, among other things.

2. Where Does The Word “Bacon” Come From?

The German word “bak,” referred to the back of the pork, where the meat that would later become the bacon is located. In the French-speaking world, the word ‘bak’ became ‘bacco’, and in the 12th century, the novelty was first mentioned in England as bacon. True, at that time the word “bacoun” was not yet specifically used in the present sense for bacon, in medieval England salted meats were given that name.

3. Manufactured in Large Plant since 1770

In England, the bacon was made by the butchers of the communities and preserved by smoking and salting. The meat was sold at local markets, bought by locals. All of this lasted until about 1770 when John Harris opened his factory in Wiltshire, where he made large-scale production of his own (Wiltshire) process bacon and sold them to the people of the country.

4. There is a Charm in the Scent

At least in part. During the baking of the bacon, the amino acids, fats, and sugars in it begin to melt, creating a Maillard reaction, which results in the bacon releasing majestic substances from which our appetite comes.

5.The French Also Invented Bacon Scented Perfume

A little over a hundred years ago, a cunning Parisian butcher figured out how to create a bacon-scented perfume, which he hoped would splash in front of his store to entice shoppers into his store. The idea was probably workable, at least the Fargginay company has been alive and well since they surprised the world in 1920 with Eau de Bacon, which is still being sold.

6. 1992 One of the Most Important Year in the History of Bacon

Although bacon lost its popularity in the mid-20th century due to its high-fat content, fatty foods were no longer considered devilish due to the dietary trends of the ’80s (such as the Atkins diet). Not so much that in 1992, one of America’s fast-food chains, Hardee’s, created its first bacon burger, which immediately became an audience favorite, so competing companies quickly stole the idea as well: bacon into the burger!

7. Bacon Has a Church

Of course, this is also found in America, with more than twenty-five thousand members. “Believers” essentially need to do nothing but glorify the bacon. Although the church does not have an official church, members meet from time to time at various locations. At these rallies, not only is their worship of bacon discussed with the other, they have raised thousands of dollars and donated it to charity.

8. Moreover, There is Even a Camp Dedicated to Bacon

The bacon camp is not much different from a traditional summer camp, except that participants can learn fewer scout tricks, but the more they can expand their knowledge of using bacon. A camp in Ann Arbor, Michigan is held every year, and the most important program is the cooking course, where professional chefs tell you how to make food even more delicious with bacon.

9. Americans Are The Biggest Bacon Consumers

After the previous points, this may not be surprising, but we can be more astonished that an average American consumes a little over 8 kilograms of bacon a year. This amount is relatively easy to gather, given that more than seventy-five percent of American restaurants offer at least one dish that also contains bacon. Moreover, bacon can be found as an essential part of a traditional American breakfast, but Americans aren’t scared of sweet bacon either: meat is also added to cupcakes, along with maple syrup.

10. An Outstanding Remedy for a Hangover

While thousands of practices can be read about it on the internet, what is the best panacea for a hangover, we swear by bacon. The amino acids in it help to relieve headaches, dizziness, and tinnitus. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to drink as much water as possible to get over the unpleasant aftermath of the previous night as soon as possible.

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