This is how you make Perfectly Crispy Bacon

crsipy bacon

Into a sandwich, hamburger scrambled eggs, or even a salad – crispy bacon is heavenly in almost every form. But sometimes instead of the crispy yet meaty bacon we want, we take some burnt, sometimes raw, oily bacon out of the pan. However, if you follow the tips below, you are guaranteed the perfect taste and texture!

If you fry your bacon in a pan …

Put the bacon in the pan (the best is a cast iron skillet) before you turn on the stove. Then start heating over low or medium heat. The bacon starts to release the fat in it pretty slowly, and then it starts to sizzle louder and louder – if it is already sizzling, turn it over to the other side. Bake on both sides evenly until perfectly crispy. When done, place them out of the pan on a paper towel and sip the fat off them.

If You Bake In The Microwave …

Line a microwaveable bowl with 4 layers of paper towel, then place the bacon slices on it (1 layer only) and cover them with 2 more layers of paper towel to absorb the excess fat. Set up the highest stage for 1 minute (if not completely fried, another 30 seconds). Once done, take the slices out to your plate and you’re done!

+1 Tip: Choose Sugar Free Bacon!

Sugar-free bacon ?! But why would it contain sugar? During the maturation of most commercially available bacon, sugar is added to the bacon to achieve a deeper flavor. The amount of this varies from brand to brand, but usually ranges from 0.5 to 1g in 100g of product, which isn’t really a significant amount, but a few slices of bacon are just one element of a home-cooked dinner that can increase our caloric intake with a scoop of ice cream, virtually unnoticed.

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