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Chipotle is one of the most representative dishes in the Mexican diet, it is a dried, smoked Jalapeno pepper. Most Jalapenos are picked and used

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chili flakes

Chili flakes

Chili flakes are a coarser, coarser-grained chili meal than chili powder. Chili is a crop from South America that has conquered the world. In common

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The genus Eruca, which belongs to the cabbage family, includes a number of lettuce varieties, the most common of which is pepper must (which is

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juniper berry

Juniper berry

The juniper berry is a spherical berry of the common juniper that develops over two years, changing color from bluish to black over time. The

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bay leaf

Bay leaf

The bay leaf is an essential ingredient in the culinary vocabulary of many cultures. This small plant, with its strong aroma and pungent flavor that

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