Grill 101: Learn The Basic | Ultimate Guide For The Beginners 2021

grill and smoke for beginners

Grilling food is an excellent source of entertainment. In our busy lives, we don’t have enough time for recreation. We need to enjoy our life. So Grilling can be the best option for enjoying our life. Grilling is not that easy task. For beginners, it’s so hard to cope up with the process. In this article, we will represent the Grilling 101 -basics of Grilling for beginners.

Details On The 6 Best Types of Grills

Grilling is one of the best recipes for a food lover. Choosing a grill is not an easy task. There are different kinds of grill relative to sizes, shapes, build-quality, and styles. You have to consider various aspects for choosing a perfect one like build material of the grill, surface area, energy consumption, cooking space, fuel efficiency. Each type of grill has its unique features with advantages and disadvantages.  

We choose the most desired six types of grill and discuss various aspects of them. That will be a great help for you to choose the right grill according to your cooking style and lifestyle.  

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal type grills are the second most popular type according to its smoky flavor. They are made from cast iron and very durable. Some of the grills come with porcelain coated or made with stainless-steel.

The cooking power of the charcoal grills is enormous. They produce enough heat for grilling your steak precisely. It also provides a smoky flavor to your steak as classical barbecue food.

Charcoal grills provide average cooking space for a user. Some of the grills come with unique designs and colors. It takes a large area to install. Heat efficiency is not up to the mark as like other types of grill.

Why and Whom We Recommend 

Charcoal grills provide you a smokey flavor, crusty and caramelized exterior, and hot heat sear meat quickly. We recommend it for a professional chef or experienced cooker who has a vast knowledge of Grilling. The smoky flavor of the steak gives you the ultimate satisfaction of the taste of the grill.

Charcoal grills are less expensive than other types of grills. So, an economical person can afford a gas grill for tasty dishes. Charcoal is less dangerous than gas to transport long distances.


  • Very sturdy body structure
  • Cast iron with porcelain coated
  • Massive cooking power
  • Classic smokey flavor


  • Need massive space for installation
  • Take too many times to heat-up
  • Iron grates are not corrosion-free
  • Charcoal makes smoke

Gas grills

A gas grill is the most popular type of outdoor Grilling and cooking. The gas grill provides massive cooking space for a large family. You can cook dishes for ten people at a time.  

The cooking power of the gas grill takes second place. A gas grill can produce average 20000BTUs cooking power. The unique feature of the gas grill is you can control the burners individually. 

A Stainless-steel body structure makes the grill very durable and rust-free. This gas grill comes with a unique design and color.

Why and Whom We Recommend

Fuel availability and easy handling make gas grill are universal. People of all ages can use this grill without hassle. Soft, both sides grilled, crispy is the main feature of your grilled steak from the gas grill. 

Do you need more cooking space on the grill grates? For a large family or party, a bigger cooking space gives you a massive advantage for cooking.


  • Massive cooking space
  • Individual burner control
  • Build material Stainless-steel
  • Corrasion-free
  • Better fuel efficiency


  • Most of the gas grills do not include a propane-reservoir
  • Expensive

Kamado Grills

Kamado grills are renowned for their portability. Japan is the creator of this portable grilling idea. The Kamado grill’s main objective is to keep the steak’s natural taste and prevents contamination with metals or charcoal residue.

Kamado grills come with a compact design and easy installation. The fuel of the grill is lump wood charcoal. This charcoal can produce enough heat to burn the steak on both sides. 

Why and whom we recommend

Kamado grill is a kind of charcoal grill. I give various cooking options to cook different dishes on a single grill. You can bake pizza, cheesecakes, pancakes with several platters, and grilling steak. 

We recommend it for the traveler for its portability feature. A compact design of the grill gives you a massive advantage for outside hanging. Just take the grill, put it in your car’s trunk, and ready to go.


  • Compact design for portability
  • Very safe to cook
  • Easy installation
  • Great cooking power
  • Average cooking space


  • Take massive time to start-on
  • Produce smoke from charcoal

Pellet Grills

Pellet grill is famous for its vast options. You can use it both like a smoker and a grill. This unique feature cannot find in other grills.

Food-quality wood pellets are loaded into a hopper and delivered to a burn pot by an auger. The thermostat and burn for regulating your desire temperature. Electronic temperature controller enhances cooking power according to your demand.

Why and Whom We Recommend

Pellet grill is unique for its special feature. This grill is very convenient for longer cooks like brisket, ribs, and large roasts, etc. You haven’t to worry about the temperature of the cooking. Because of electric temperature controller with thermostat keeps the heat at the optimum level.

We recommend it for those who need a smoker and a grill at the same time.


  • Compact design for portability
  • Very safe to cook
  • Easy installation
  • Great cooking power
  • Average cooking space


  • Take massive time to start-on
  • Produce smoke from charcoal

Propane Grills

Propane grills are famous for their quick start-up and easy handling. Propane grills are a kind of gas grill. Propane grills enhance the temperature rapidly and evenly to the burners and heating up quickly.

Propane grills come in various sizes. Generally, it takes much space to compare to other grills. You can regulate the burners individually.

Why and Whom We Recommend

The propane gas grill is very easy to handle. Most people like this gas grill for hassle-free Grilling. Quick start-up and convenient cooking space make it the best type of grill. 

This gas grill is ideal for those who need more cooking space at the cooking. It is also convenient for quick Grilling and saves time.


  • Heat up very quickly
  • Stainless-steel build quality
  • Rust-free and easy to clean
  • Huge cooking space
  • Individual temperature control


  • Most of the grills haven’t propane-reservoir
  • Take huge space

Marinade To Barbeque

If we have successfully selected The right grill for us, the cultured, modern sacrificial ritual – the grilling can begin. There are plenty of exciting types of equipment to help you prepare your meals outdoors. But as we know, the devil lies in the details.
If we have successfully selected The right grill for us, the Grilling can become an easy task. There are plenty of exciting types of equipment to help you prepare your meals outdoors. But as we know, the devil lies in the details.

We discuss these grill at the start of this content. You can check those. No matter how hard the grilling process, however, there are tricks, tips, tricks, and rules here that can improve our catches and make this social seance more memorable – or, in the absence of sufficient information or routine, we can spoil it. Here’s a little help in a few points, without the need for completeness, for absolute beginners.

Here is the  step by step process for grilling

Step-1: Firing

Firing is an essential and primary stage of Grilling. After choosing a perfect grill, you can start the process. Of course, those who use an electric grill are not covered by this chapter. Whether we bake with wood or charcoal, it is worth wait until it burns a bit; the flame goes out; otherwise, the inside of the food remains raw, and the outside coal burns. Later, for the same reason, it is necessary to keep an eye on the fat dripping from the meat because it can blow it up again. (if not included, you may want to get a drip tray for it, it also increases the taste experience). Let’s try to use Fire, embers as natural as possible, and with professional materials intended for this purpose; we should avoid petrol, colored-glossy papers, etc. because they emit toxic substances during combustion.

For baking in general, charcoal is preferred because it emits less smoke and burns more evenly.

Step-2: Marinade

The very first golden rule of pickling is to do it as soon as possible: it is best to have it the day before baking but to make sense, soak it in the spice bath at least a few hours before since it takes time for raw meat to absorb it. It is essential to mix spices in heat-resistant cooking oil and not water. Some swear that the heart must be salted afterward, miss it out from the marinade because it also removes moisture, it can dry out. Be sure to stick to homemade: on the one hand, and it certainly suits our taste; on the other hand, we know what does it contain, we can avoid preservatives and flavor enhancers. Suppose we do not want to marinade, and we are not afraid of our meat drying out (ex. in the case of BBQ) for larger pieces of meat. In that case, we can rub the outside thickly with spices (it is advisable to apply mustard or similar beforehand for sticking), so you can get a nice, tasty, crispy crust; the final result will still be very delicious.

Step-3: Warming up

No, now we are not thinking about the aperitif, but about the oven – we also set about at home by preheating it. And in the case of grills, this is several times useful, on the one hand, we have already mentioned that you have to wait until the fire calms down to be suitable for even baking, so it is worth fire it on time. On the other hand, it is much easier to clear the grated evidence of the previous week’s fun from the bars in a heated state. Grilling is easy; everyone can, but following the grilling, rules are essential to make the grill as delicious as possible. We hope that those who use the electric grill or the gas grill and those who use a traditional charcoal grill for garden grilling will find from between the following grilling tips some suitable for themselves. And for beginners, it is a must-read!

Step-4: Meat Processing

Here, yes, size matters: if we are not making a barbecue, try to work with slices about 1 cm thick; otherwise, the inside may not overcook properly. And if they’re too thin, an in-depth conversation is enough to serve carbon chips. Dehydration is a pivotal point of frying: the golden rule is not to prick the meat with a fork because the juice is flowing out; instead, use equipment developed for this purpose, preferably a shovel or tweezers. Squeezing and massaging the meat is not functional either. It also dries. If we want to be sure that the inside is well fried, let’s use a thermometer for this purpose.

Step-5: Vegetables & Fruit Processing

Vegetables and fruits are part of a healthy, balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants – and by the way, it is very delicious; it would be a pity to just tuck bread with meat. Before processing vegetables and fruits, wash them with clean water properly.

Almost all of them are suitable for grilling: carrot, zucchini, onions, asparagus, eggplant, corn, and we could list. The fruits can also be served as a healthy dessert: a small grilled apple or pear, fooled with cinnamon, honey, or yogurt, can be a surprisingly pleasant combo by the end of the evening. Remember, whether they are vegetables or fruits, they will cook much sooner (up to 3 minutes), so let’s treat them like this: make them on lighter embers, on the grilles above, because overcooked vegetables can wilt. They are ready when the strips of the grids have just burned. If we want to be very precise, we may want to pre-cook the potatoes or corn a bit.

Step 6- BBQ & Grilling After Processing

BBQ is a type of grilling. Incidentally, we could even refer to the oven used to make the barbecue with the same word. The difference is that grilling is done quickly, on medium or high temperatures (usually around 150 degrees) on direct heat, on the fire, and BBQ is done slowly (up to 6-8 hours), on indirect heat, and at a constant, 110-120 degrees, almost surrounding the concept of smoking.

Griling Times and Temperatures Chart

The Six Most Crucial Equipment For Grilling

1. Barbecue Oven 

We have two basic options: carbonic or gas. Charcoal, charcoal briquettes season better and have a much higher heat, while gas is much cleaner and more comfortable. Criteria for a right grill: stable, large grill surface, adequate ventilation, good heating, good coverage. Everything else comes only after that. (Our wood-burning mobile ovens require some experience, so I’m not telling that now)

2. Ignition Chimney

Forget barbecue lighters, or worse, quick-ignite impregnated charcoal! There’s nothing worse than a barbecue lighter smell floating over the gardens on summer evenings, which gives even the roast meat on the table a sharp aftertaste. Once you’ve used an ignition chimney, you’ll never need anything else. It is a clean and professional method. Ignition chimney

3. Long handle Grill Tongs

You need pliers that are long enough to prevent your hands from burning if you need to rescue a piece of meat between the flames. You will recognize the excellent grill tongs because they are made of stainless steel, have a strong, stable, heat-insulated handle that does not slip, does not turn in your hand. It can also be moved and locked with a spring, such as this grill tong. Small scissor-like tweezers are useful for serving, not for fire.

4. Solid-bristle grill brush

To maximize our grill’s working time and keep it clean, we must clean the grill flat with it before each grill. The remnants of last week’s grill on our roast are not tasty. Not to mention that leftover food attracts insects in the garden. It means that a solid-bristle grill brush and scraper is a must-have.

5. Two shovels or spatulas

Why do you need two right at the beginning? We need a flexible grooved spatula for fine work, e.g., hamburger turning, stacking vegetables, and for .large, long-stemmed, more massive, more solemn strain, larger meats, ribs. Anyone who is a very beginner should have one for the beginning, but will soon realize why we said that.

6. Immediately read grill thermometer

Nothing will improve your baking experience better than a good, instant readable thermometer. Say goodbye to bloody-bone chicken, charcoal but uncooked sides, or overbaked and dried meats. Don’t bother if we know exactly what to do.

There are grills with a built-in thermometer as a standard. Choose one like this, or take a seed thermometer that gives an accurate value of its internal temperature when inserted into the meat.


Modern cooking problems need the latest solution. Grills are getting more develop for modern technology as well as we appreciate it. Modern grills make cooking very easy and environment-friendly. People like smoky BBQ very much. For this massive demand, the grill must provide grill more attractive and tasty. Besides grilling, a griller gives us a lot of options for different cooking.

As we discuss today, the best type of grill is a propane gas grill. Compared to other grills, propane grill performs better in every aspect like fuel efficiency, fuel availability, cooking power, cooking space, build quality, etc. For its large size and heavyweight propane grill has a portable issue.

Even though it is one of the most important things to learn how to make, so many people make significant mistakes grilling steak.

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