Best Smoker Grill Combo of 2021 – Buyers Guide and Expert Recommendations

best smoker grill combo

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The weather is nice and crisp. You’re sitting in your backyard surrounded by the smell of freshly smoked beef brisket.  Imagine munching on that tender, juicy meat piece-by-piece. Tempting, right?

A backyard with a traditionally styled smoker grill will never go out of style. Though the BBQ lovers are not professional, they take their interest very seriously.

If you are amongst those that can’t choose between smoking equipment and a grill, it high time you buy the combo.

Down below, I’ll guide you on the best smoker grill combo that will leave your BBQ experience exquisitely appetizing.

Buying Guide (Things to consider before buying Smoking and Grill Combo)


Before buying the smoking and grill combo, it’s better that you keep a note of the following things.

Nature of Fuel


It is up to you which type of energy source you go for. There are a handful of options that include propane, charcoal, and wood. Though charcoal and wood might seem the same thing, the effect and taste it brings to the food differ greatly. So, make sure you tick off this thing before heading out to buy one.

Size and Portability


The size refers to the design and overall building of the unit. Some grills come with shelves and removable racks to hold up extra food. Whereas some grills are used to keep the cooked food hot. Such details come in handy and ease up the cooking process.

Easy to Transport


The terms size and portability are usually used side by side, but they are different. Most of the time, we think a small-sized unit is easy to carry around. That is true in some cases, but what to do if you need a big unit? In that case, portability becomes the presence of details like wheels and handles. See if your dream unit offers such features because that’s essential.

Ease of Cleaning


Last but not least, cleanability is one thing not to miss. The worst thing on a family night is being left with tons of oily and greasy dishes. While you’re getting the chance, it’s better to consider it. Look for grills and grates that come with a non-sticky layer on them. These are easy to clean and last long.

Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Grill


As the name suggests, the Kamado charcoal is the first combo up on our list. With its easy to assemble body and strong heating temperatures, it will work perfectly for your family. Even great for gatherings and family parties.

Kamado Style Design

Thanks to its Kamado framework, the grill uses an optimal amount of charcoal. That makes smoking and grilling effective and cost-efficient. Furthermore, an easy dump ash pan and a removable warming rack make it super cooperative—style and Cleanability both in one frame.

Temperature Settings

An important thing in grills is their ability to retain heat and give a perfect sear to your meat. It has a high-temperature range from 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to its 22-gauge steel.

For ensuring an even airflow, the charcoal grill has dampers on its top and bottom side.


The charcoal grill uses a cast iron for its cooking surface. Although it has a compact shape in its limit, the lockable caster wheels enhance its portability. It uses rubber wheels on its steel tubes to support easy movements.


  • Triple-walled insulation
  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable top and bottom dampers
  • Large 8-inch front wheels
  • Cast iron cooking grates


  • Multiple range Temperature
  • Pretty light on carrying
  • Decently priced


  • The body could be built better

Camp Chef SmokePro Stainless DLX Pellet Grill


For smoking up your food and meat, what could be a better option than this pellet grill? Get your hands on this unit asap if you want a combination of sizzling and charcoal-infused BBQ—pure goodness. Along with giving the wood ash flavor, it has the following features to offer.

Sophisticated and Composed Look

For heavy cooking, you need something simple, like this best gas charcoal smoker grill combo. Though it has an extensive and open BBQ space, its size and little details say otherwise. Camp Chef has brilliantly set the piece up, and the consumers love it.

Porcelain Grill Grates

Grilling with these nonstick porcelain beauties is a breath of fresh air. They look nice and long-lasting, but above all, they are super easy to clean. Who wants to add up the extra mess in the kitchen sink? This unit certainly doesn’t.

Adjustable Temperature Values

Modern and smart technology allows you to play around with temperature settings. You can transition smoothly from low to high-temperature values. Doing that gives an extra kick to your cooked item, along with leaving a sensation on your tongue.


  • Temperature range of 160-500o Fahrenheit
  • LED temperature readout
  • Smart Smoke Technology
  • Grease management system
  • Automatic Shutdown


  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Nonstick Grills


  • Temperature Settings are tricky

PK Grills PKO-SCAX-X Original PK Smoker Grill


The conventional BBQ grill is quickly being replaced by this fancy smoker grill. From its size to cooking, it has shown some top-tier features. That’s what brought this product on our list.

Rust Resistant Grills

Instead of using common steel, PK uses cast aluminum for its construction. It doesn’t rust, has better heat conduction, and is light in weight. The use of aluminum not only gives extra shelf life to the grill but eases the cleaning process.

Capsule Like Design

A combination of smoker and grill has given it a unique capsule-like design. It looks pretty dope with that shiny body. take it with you on picnics or store it in your garage. That’s possible as it rests on a stand for easy BBQing and can always be detached from it.

Out-of-the-Box Venting

This product is a killer in managing the vents and air system. It’s just wonderful how it adjusts the air and temperature in that capsule body of its. Its patented technology will allow you to experiment with different grilling styles.


  • Durable Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Patented 4-Point Venting
  • Temperature ranges from 180-750F
  • Conducts Heat More Efficiently
  • Rust Proof and durable


  • Stays hot for a long time
  • Compact Design
  • Efficient Air Flow


  • Short Grill Height

Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro 830 Grill


With this charcoal grill, it’s time to spice up your dinner parties and lunch gatherings. Nothing is better than homemade goodness, and Char-Griller understands it completely.

Barrel-style grills

Using solid gauge steel for its body has made this unit, heat-resistant. For temperature regulations, a specific built-in gauge is present. The height of cast iron grills can manually be adjusted to three different levels.

Premium Grilling Feature

This is not your ordinary grill-smoke combo. It is an offset smoker that offers you two different heating chambers. In short, you can perform two different functions at the same time. Other than that, it has some fantabulous-ness hidden in its grill. You can’t name it but it’s there.

Mess Cleaning is Easy

As its grills and grates are coated with non-stick material, the oil and stain removal is easy. With a bristle sponge or brush, the residue removes off easily without chipping its layer. The rest of the mess is taken care of by its removable charcoal drawer.


  • Cast iron cooking grates
  • Adjustable Fire Grate
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Double-bottom


  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Offers Limited Warranty
  • Easy Charcoal Cleanup


  • Assembly is kinda tricky

Z Grills Wood Pellet 8- in-1 Grill


In the world where people are looking for a smoker grill combo, this 8-in-1 grill is surely a breath of fresh air. Why choose between two when you can have eight of them in one?

Digital Temperature Controller

Day by day, things are getting smart, so why can’t Z grills be? Smart technology has given this system-wide and well-controlled temperature values. You get a minimum 180ºF to a maximum 450ºF on this best smoker grill combo 2021.

Great for Parties

As this grill is a multi-functional item, its size is grand as well. Not just its body size and shape, but the interior space is also wide and open. You can cook, smoke, or grill several meat varieties and cuts on this. For small parties and gatherings, this item is a life-savior.

Restaurant Style Smoke Effect

All those novices out there, get this hardwood grill unit to get restaurant styled smoke-meat right in your backyard. Anytime, anywhere. The meat has the perfect smoke infusion that adds to its taste.


  • 700 sq. in. cooking capacity
  • Includes a Grease Bucket Holder
  • Natural BBQ wood pellets
  • Digital control board
  • Fan-forced convection cooking


  • 3-year Limited Warranty
  • Killer Smoking Effect
  • Budget Unit


  • Searing is average

Royal Gourmet CC1830F-C 90-00-0 Charcoal Grill


Royal Gourmet knows more about cooking than you ever can. After all, it deals with it all the time and therefore comes with features that’ll make things easy.

Easy to Set in Place

Often, we’re anxious not because of the grill but the hassle of setting the whole thing up. There’s so much that could go wrong. This smoker grill combo is not having any of your worries anymore. Because it is super-duper easy to set this thing up. Surely, a piece of cake.

Compact and Portable

With the assembly and cooking done, it’s time to move the thing away. It has two 6’’ wheels attached to its bottom surface. These are rough and move smoothly over grass and other surfaces.

User Friendly

The presence of some features has made this unit friendly and co-operative. Its height adjusting handles, removable charcoal pan, built-in thermometer, and grill cover are worth mentioning. They truly bring out the best BBQ experience in this unit.


  • Two Storage Rack
  • Two 6” wheels Porcelain Wire
  • Cooking Grates
  • 2-level Adjustable Charcoal Pan
  • Swing-Away Warming Rack


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Decent Heat Retention
  • Ideal Sized Cover


  • Paint chips off

PK Grills PK360 Outdoor Grill and Smoker Combination


This combined grill and smoker is bound to leave with a plate full of tender and moist meat. Not sure about other grills, but PK grills can surely do that.

Manage that Ash

Smoking equipment is left with ash- that too, a lot of it. It would be better if the grill took care of it. Well, PK has heard you. The charcoal smoker uses a small capsule lie pot in the cooking region. This collects out all the ash for you and makes its disposable effortless.

Comes with a Thermometer

Experiment with your cooking, just like a MasterChef, with its Tel-Tru Thermometer. With its precise and to-the-point readings, it’ll surely come in handy. And above all, it can be used for a variety of cooking purposes other than BBQ.

Classic Construction

Capsule design is getting popular over the years, and PK has taken a big leap forward. Simple and minimalistic. Its pedestal stand, the air cylinders, the capsule body, everything is gorgeous. Not to forget how the company has incorporated little details like locks and hinges it its body.


  • Includes a superior warranty
  • Durable cast aluminum construction
  • Innovative ash tents
  • 4-Point Venting System
  • 2-zone Cooking


  • Durable Body
  • Rust-resistant
  • Accurate thermometer


  • Small Sized Shelves



Now that you’ve gone through this extensive list, you must have gotten an idea regarding the best smoker grill combo. I specifically included a buying guide in this article to get a gist of the basics.

With this said, my work here is done. Please do your research before buying your dream grill combo, and let us know what worked the best for you.

Your feedback and reviews are always welcomed. So be sure to type down your thoughts.

See you next time.

Till then, Happy Grilling!

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