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dijon mustard

Dijon Mustard

Many thought that Dijon mustard was called dijon because it has mustard seeds in it. Although this is not the case, it is only a matter of grinding and processing the mustard seeds. Dijon mustard can be just as smooth, creamy as grains. Mustard has special forms on the tables, for which it is enough …

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curry powder

Curry powder

For the avoidance of doubt, curry powder should not be confused with curry, which is not the common spice in India, but the method of preparation with sauce. In European cuisine, the curry is from 17 to 18. century. But already in the 12th century, during the reign of Richard I, the use of ginger, …

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Chipotle is one of the most representative dishes in the Mexican diet, it is a dried, smoked Jalapeno pepper. Most Jalapenos are picked and used in green. But if you let it touch for longer, it will turn red. Some people leave it in this state until they start to dry and then take it …

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cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper

As surprising as it may be, Cayenne pepper is not a variety of pepper. But then what is this spice and why is it worth consuming? Cayenne pepper is nothing more than the coarsely ground spicy chili pepper used as a spice, a constant ingredient in chili spice blends. The name pepper can be derived …

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chili flakes

Chili flakes

Chili flakes are a coarser, coarser-grained chili meal than chili powder. Chili is a crop from South America that has conquered the world. In common parlance, all hot peppers are called that. Consuming chili has a beneficial effect on digestion. Its active ingredient, which is also responsible for its pungency, is capsaicin. The unit of …

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The genus Eruca, which belongs to the cabbage family, includes a number of lettuce varieties, the most common of which is pepper must (which is scientifically named Eruca sativa). This plant is commonly called rucola, the name of Italian origin (also known as rucola rughetta or ruchetta in Italian) is so new that there is …

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juniper berry

Juniper berry

The juniper berry is a spherical berry of the common juniper that develops over two years, changing color from bluish to black over time. The evergreen plant is also planted here as an ornamental plant, but its berry is also well-known: it is also used as a spice, fragrance and herb. It is also flavored …

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bay leaf

Bay leaf

The bay leaf is an essential ingredient in the culinary vocabulary of many cultures. This small plant, with its strong aroma and pungent flavor that dissipates over time as it cooks, can be found decorating food from Asia to Africa–even Europe! The best way to use them? Get whole leaves instead if possible because they’re …

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