Grill Masters Club Review – Tested but Worth It? 2022

grill master club

There is nothing better than the smell of meats and veggies cooking on a grill, except maybe eating it all up! But sometimes you want to grill something but don’t have time or the energy to go to the store for supplies. That’s where The Grill Masters Club comes in.

If you love surprises and like to barbeque, then this is the mystery subscription box you’ve been waiting for. Finally, there is a mystery box for BBQ fanatics. It sounds too good to be true. So… Is it?

The grill master club is a grill and grilling accessories delivery service that will send you everything you need to grill the perfect steak or burger. If you enjoy grilling but don’t want to spend time shopping for supplies, this might be an option for you! Is it worth the cost?

It’s time to find out if the Grill Masters Club subscription box is truly worth it.

What is the Grill Masters Club?


Have you ever heard of a Grill Masters Club? Neither had I until I heard about the Grill Masters Club. For anyone who loves BBQ and mystery boxes, get ready cause we’re about to dive in.

Let’s start with the basics. What is the Grill Master Club? The Grill Master Club is a subscription service mystery box aimed at those who love grilling. On the 7th of each month, you’ll receive four to five barbeque-themed items. These can include spices, rubs, marinades, sauces, recipes, and other mystery items.

There is also a special Christmas box sent out on the 15th of December. The subscription is automatically renewed each month unless you opt-out.

grill master club review box

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What Do You Get?


When you sign up for a Grill Master Club subscription, you can pay for a one-month, three-month, six-month, or twelve-month service. The three-month subscription is the most popular.

In the first week of each month, you will receive a mystery box. The box Grill Masters Club a rub and a sauce, but it may also have recipes, salts, spices, marinades, wood chips for smoking meat, or some other BBQ-related item. You will get four to five items per box.

grill master club

The products are locally made in America, and most of them come from small businesses. You won’t find any of the items in any old grocery store. In addition to BBQ items, your subscription will also give you access to the online community pages where you can talk with other grill enthusiasts and share recipes and tips. Check their customers reviews.

Pros and Cons


If you want an especially short summary, here is our list of the best and worst points of the Grill Masters Club.


  • Promotes local small business
  • All products are vetted for quality
  • There is a thriving community for sharing tip and recipes
  • A fun way to try new things
  • Exclusive Grill Masters Club membership, a community of like-minded people who can help each
  • Curated Feed of the top BBQ recepies
  • Get exclusive video twice per month


  • Shipping isn’t free
  • It’s a mystery box, so you take what you get

Is It Worth It?


In my opinion, the Grill Masters Club is absolutely worth it. Whether you are a grilling fiend or occasional barbeque dabbler, the Grill Masters Club is a super fun and unique way to try out new items. The boxes are affordable and the shipping is reasonable. You can sign up for one of four subscription options and cancel at any time.

One of my favorite parts about these mystery boxes is that the items are all local and support small businesses. It lets you try new things you may have never come across otherwise can widen your perspectives.

If grilling is your hobby or your passion, I highly recommend trying the Grill Masters Club. It is a convenient way to expand your grilling arsenal and at the same time support local farmers and producers. Additionally, if any of the flavors are not to your liking, they make for great gifts.

  • The grill master club will send grill supplies to your door whenever you want them
  • You can save time and money when buying grill gear by getting what you need in one place
  • Enjoy grilling without the hassle of going out to buy grill stuff all the time! Is it worth it? I think so.

Click here and check what their members said about them.

Final Thoughts

The Grill Masters Club is a wonderful concept with perfect execution. If you enjoy cooking, barbequing, grilling, or smoking, the Grill Masters Club has something for you. It is a good price and it’s made with care. I definitely recommend giving the Grill Masters Club a try.

If you’re looking for the best BBQ stuff, then click here and check out our review of Snake River Farm. We know that they have quality meat!

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